Trusting the Process: Iterative Design Leads to 121% Sales Lift for Kelty

Since 1952, Kelty has been creating proven outdoor gear that is innovative, uncomplicated, and durable. Their mission is to empower and inspire people to get outside, create memories, and cultivate a passion for adventure. Customers can buy products directly from Kelty using its eCommerce website,

Looking to increase online sales and deepen customer relationships through its website, Kelty engaged Roboboogie to evaluate the health of its current website and to lay a strategic framework for optimization through iterative enhancement to improve performance.

Developing a Strategic Plan

The Roboboogie team got to work to become familiar with business KPIs, organizational resources & working dynamics, history & role of the website, product roadmaps, data-collection practices, and audience research archives, as well as growth goals and current optimization processes.

Like many organizations, Kelty faced resource and budget constraints hindering their ability to make larger, sweeping changes to their web experience. They were also faced with conflicting prioritized initiatives from neighboring business segments.

The Principle Assessment uncovered opportunities across Design, Data and Optimization disciplines. The highest priority: design enhancements for the biggest revenue-driving (and currently leaking) components of the site: the Product Detail Page and Checkout Funnel.

A comprehensive behavioral audit, deep-diving into user interaction and web performance data, uncovered key user pain-points. A complimentary field-level user experience audit identified missing or broken functionality, design inconsistencies, and gaps in the user journey. Identified opportunities were mapped into a tactical optimization plan by immediate, short, and long term need – prioritized based upon lift and ROI.

Optimization Efforts Boosts Conversions

Our detailed assessment and optimization plan for armed their team with the insights and guidance they needed to effectively enhance the web experience. The Kelty team got to work executing the strategic plan, systematically refining the web experience. This disciplined, intentional approach to improving performance paid off – significantly increasing conversion rates leading to a 121% lift in online sales.

Performance Impact: +121% increase in online sales

“We engaged Roboboogie to conduct an experience audit of our site because we wanted a fresh perspective and insights. The results have been very impressive. Our post-launch conversion rate is up 121%!”

-Cory Barnes, Digital Marketing Manager, Kelty