Applying marketing science to iteratively design a next generation, high-performance eCommerce website.

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Faced with increasing competitive pressure, expanding customer demographics, and a rapidly evolving brand presence, ProForm needed to move quickly, but strategically update and enhance its website.

Traditional website redesign methodologies commonly neglect the existing website during the often lengthy process of designing a brand new site. This period of site stagnation fails to address immediate customer needs, and results in significant loss of revenue. ProForm engaged us to lead a more iterative, data-backed approach to evolving their site that addressed present customer needs, while simultaneously building for the future.

Develop site optimization and evolution strategy

Establish holistic measurement & analytics practice

Conduct customer research and leverage insights

Triage design inconsistencies

Ongoing A/B & Multivariate testing

Design new site features and brand elements

Creation of performance monitoring dashboards

Analysis of performance, design iteration

wireframes and strategies written on a whiteboard wireframes and strategies written on a whiteboard

Developing a roadmap to a new site experience

Strategically overhauling a dynamic eCommerce website like ProForm’s is no small task, demanding insightful and directed planning. Working closely with ProForm’s key executives and marketing teams, we kicked our efforts off with a principal assessment evaluating the state of marketing, analytics and brand direction. We then backed those findings with a review of historic behavioral analytics, customer feedback, and a heuristic design review. We synthesized each data point to develop a holistic, systematic, approach to evolving the site over time.

Getting to a new baseline

Our plan kicked us into action updating their web analytics tracking, and A/B testing our initial high-value design enhancement hypotheses (to quickly generate revenue for the program) before gradually moving toward larger experiential updates and brand shifts.

Our deep dive into behavioral analytics data helped inform and prioritize enhancement opportunities. Our analytics work included the development of a custom web tracking strategy through Google Analytics and Google Data Studios. We also created custom data visualizations and reports for weekly evaluations and reporting. Milestone reports were also established to ensure data integrity and allow for expansion over time.

Listening to customers

The backbone of effective web experience design lies in gaining a full understanding the customer’s needs and desires; and meeting those needs through effective UI design. Gaining this deep understanding requires time, intention and a sense of curiosity and empathy.

Working with ProForm, we synthesized the understandings gained from our customer research first in a motivations framework, and then evolving that framework into several user personas and scenarios to further define the unique motivations and needs of each specific segment. This work revealed an underserved segment of beginning or returning fitness enthusiasts and an opportunity for the brand to be more inclusive to this group and also to be more approachable overall.

UI projects for Proform

Harnessing the power of experimentation

A/B Testing was at the center of our iterative redesign process. Identified optimization opportunities were documented throughout the process, then categorized and prioritized within a testing queue. Top ranked enhancements were routinely mapped to sprint-style testing plans with each experiment goal, hypothesis, UX approach and experiment parameters clearly defined. On a continual basis, new tests were designed, built, launched, monitored, and concluded. “Winning” test variations were added to a development queue to become a permanent site enhancement. Each iterative site change and incremental performance gain was documented, then monitored over time to understand the lasting impact.

Rolling out a new brand look & feel

Alongside functional and experiential enhancements, we worked to seamlessly transition to an updated expression of the ProForm brand, including styling, iconography, photography and copywriting. For each, we took small, calculated steps in the new brand direction with a limited audience, while documenting the impact as a result of those changes on shopping behavior.

As we observed steady performance with changes, we took larger validation steps. Finally, we introduced architectural changes and full-page redesigns to segmented groups of new users who had not previously visited the site (so as not to shock regular users and brand enthusiasts). Once tests validated the effectiveness of new components, we implemented changes for all visitors to see.

A scientific approach, for a competitive advantage

A culture of testing and experimentation continues on at ProForm to this day. Every update to the website, incremental gain, and performance trend is noted, documented, and benchmarked, and every improvement contributes to incremental lifts in global conversion rates.

New customer insights, behavioral trends, and market opportunities emerge every day. By embracing the test and iterate culture, ProForm’s data-driven approach ensures continuous optimization and has led their organization to new levels of success. We couldn’t be more proud of such a successful partnership.

Refreshed site, newly rolled out brand, record sales, more active fitness customers. We’re living the dream!

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