Building a successful omni-channel digital experience optimization program for global enterprise.

Increased email acquisition

Increased revenue

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Faced with declining market share, due to increasing competitive pressures, Wacom (an industry-leading global consumer electronics company) identified a need to systematically improve their digital marketing ecosystem - across various business units and geographic regions.

What started as a highly focused engagement with us to increase email newsletter sign-ups, quickly blossomed into an omni-channel, cross-regional test-and-optimize program resulting in significant performance improvements across various digital customer experiences including Wacom’s online community, email sign-up and nurture campaigns, content marketing and eCommerce.

Customer Acquisition & Lead Generation

Content Marketing Campaigns

eCommerce Conversion Optimization

Web Feature & Enhancement Design

Email Nurture Optimization

Global Strategy & Localization

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Bringing a disciplined, data-driven approach

With more product choices coming to market, Wacom had to change tactics and take a more directed approach to their digital marketing. Our team worked alongside internal leadership to provide analytics insights, strategic guidance and hands-on design to improve the performance of various digital properties through a test and iterate approach. Focusing first on email sign-up, we quickly identified unique audience segments and isolated design variables to ultimately increase brand awareness, product sales, email sign-ups, content engagement and overall lifetime customer value.

Attracting and engaging new customers

A significant portion of our continuous improvement engagement with Wacom centered on attracting new customers through optimizing their content marketing efforts. The content marketing team engaged us to optimize overall blog and community site performance and to ideate, design and build high performing promotional content campaigns focusing on key topics i.e. Mindful Meetings and Life Hacks. We collaborated closely with Wacom to create digital destinations and social and email nurture campaigns to bring people quickly through the sales funnel from product awareness to product purchase.

Optimization opportunities at every point in the funnel

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Continuously improving the shopping experience

Leveraging behavioral data we collected using Google Analytics, SessionCam, HotJar, and User Testing, as well as customer insights taken from stakeholders and the customer success team, we developed an optimization roadmap to significantly increase online sales. A series of strategically focused optimization campaigns—focused heavily around experimentation—resulted in significant improvements to the checkout experiences, product detail pages, and product category pages and an overall increase in online sales of `secret number`.

Nurturing shoppers into buyers

With a growing list of subscribers and active community members, new doors opened to build relationships and match shoppers with products. An overhaul of the product newsletter was central to nurturing sales over time. Harnessing IBM Watson’s CRM and A/B testing platform, our team designed, built and sent a series of multivariate emails isolating content variables. An optimum layout, look and feel and content balance of thought leadership, inspiration and sales was the winning combination.

Think local, act globally

Our approach and success with B-to-C experiences in the US was quickly recognized by other regions and business units within Wacom. We applied our learnings and methodologies to also optimize B-to-B marketing efforts and regional destinations by translating and localizing many of the content marketing experiences and enhancements to Europe, Latin America and Japan. Through that work, we were able to further build our understanding of a much broader Wacom customer and add value to a global enterprise company.

Experimentation culture is the gift that keeps on giving

Not only did we complete our intended objectives for each business unit, region, and digital marketing experience component, but we also established a test-and-iterate culture that Wacom continues to embrace and benefit from. This was a significant organizational shift and as a result, Wacom is working smarter and is reaching thousands of newly inspired artists and building new brand loyalists every day. We can’t wait for more!

Happy customers and better decision-making. That’s what we call a win.

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