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Increased conversion rates

Improved customer experience

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Discovering your Adobe software is non-genuine and will be disabled — after paying a premium for the service — is a confusing, frustrating experience. However, it’s unsafe to use improperly licensed software, so Adobe had to act in order to ensure customers were using software that is compliant and secure.

Adobe partnered with us to establish a measured approach to improving their non-genuine conversion experience. To achieve aggressive conversion goals and ambitious expectations set by Adobe, we rapidly experimented with a number of variables including tone, frequency, design, and product segments, etc. This required us to design for a variety of unique audiences while seamlessly integrating touch points across in-app notifications, email nurturement, landing pages and microsite experiences.

Evaluate the existing experience

Triage design and usability weaknesses

Improve the perceived legitimacy of the program

Document users’ emotional experience & needs

Establish clear segmentation strategies

Design & test new multi-touch experiences

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Quickly build credibility

We immediately identified Adobe’s experience for notifying and converting non-genuine users suffered from a lack of credibility. The look and feel of the notification messages, combined with their sudden and unexpected nature, led many non-genuine software users to believe they were fraudulent and subsequently ignored them. To overcome this obstacle, we designed notifications that more closely aligned with Adobe brand standards strengthening the program identity and credibility.

Be more empathetic

To ensure users were being thoughtfully approached, we created emotional journey maps to implement a more empathetic and personalized experience. We struck a balance between empathy and authority and developed customer-centric designs that were informative yet assertive. These experiences, delivered to global audiences across multiple segments, saw a higher customer satisfaction and conversion rate.

Evolving the experience

We identified an opportunity to create a microsite that contained all the information the customer needed to resolve their non-genuine issue. Our improved in-app notification cards led customers to the site to better understand the issue and get on a path to a speedy resolution. The centralized site greatly improved program credibility, further boosting conversions of non-genuine users.

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Continuing to iterate over time

With a seemingly endless supply of non-genuine users, the work never stops. We are constantly evolving the experience and improving our process. Successful short-term gains provide valuable insights for future design enhancements, making us more agile while simultaneously providing us with information to pivot, change, and grow with Adobe.

Skyrocketing performance, global impact, and a safer user base.

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