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roboboogie partners closely with innovative marketers to help them do more with their customer data. We provide a suite of optimization, user experience design and personalization services we call DataActions.


    Get to know your customers better.

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    We de-clutter customer data to tell the 'what, why, when and how' stories you can use build more profitable customer relationships. Our insights include qualitative research, analytics and journey mapping to fully understand and document customer needs and motivations.

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    Drowning in customer data, or simply need some deeper insights to inform your optimization, marketing, or personalization efforts? Our experienced analysts see stories in customer data and are laser-focused on identifying actionable insights to get results.

    digital experience audit

    Looking for an objective, expert evaluation of your digital experience? Our experience audits provide best-practice insights on the effectiveness of messaging, overall usability, content clarity, calls-to-action, and product positioning/merchandising. It is a cost effective way to uncover actionable optimization opportunities.

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    Want to know how to delight customers and unlock the best strategies for reaching them effectively? We combine qualitative and quantitative (data-backed) research to identify customer segments and clearly document an ideal journey focused on driving sales and conversions.

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    You can learn a lot about your digital experience simply by watching customers use it. User Testing is a powerful tool for identifying optimization opportunities, and confirm enhancements are working as intended. These days you don't need a sophisticated lab or a huge pile of cash to make it happen.

  • DataDesign

    Create a beautiful digital experience that gets results.

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    Our proven customer-centric, data-backed design process guarantees both form and function. Whether you're looking for a ground-up redesign, or want to make some design enhancements to your digital experience, we've got the skills to take your digital experience to the next level.

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    An inspiring digital experience should be the only thing between you and your customers. It's our mission to design digital experiences that delight customers and get results. We've proudly designed and optimized experiences for some of the world's most innovative brands including Nike, Specialized Bikes, WACOM, HP, LEVI's, and more.

    data backend design

    Looking to validate a design idea? A/B and multivariate testing are powerful ways to remove subjectivity from the design process and let the data inform design. Design Validation services are scalable to fit anything from a full site redesign, to the enhancement of a specific landing page, site feature, or other digital experience.

    digital prototyping

    We love applying our strategic design skills and love for data in creative ways. We can help you build a proof-of-concept prototype to solicit requirements and validate design assumptions, or design infographics, iconography and gamification badges. If it involves data and design, we are into it.

    digital experience strategy

    Need some help solving an experience design challenge? We'd love to add some creative horsepower and share the wisdom gained over the past 15 years designing and optimizing world class digital experiences.

  • DataConvert

    Get more from your digital experiences.

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    Whether you're just starting out with conversion rate optimization (CRO), or you're looking to take your CRO program to the next level, our proven customer-centric, data-backed, design-forward approach can help you exceed your online sales and conversion goals.

    conversion rate optimization

    Looking to increase sales, double fan base, attract more members and improve engagement? No problem. Our Optimization Task Force is the perfect solution for clients who know the power of ongoing A/B testing and iterative optimization. Our experienced multi-discipline teams are a cost effective way to get results and maximize your investment in optimization.

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    We understand timing is everything and are happy to grow our engagement with your success. Our Optimization Jump Start program is the perfect low cost way to get some quick optimization wins and demonstrate ROI for deeper investment in optimization.

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    Already have resources dedicated to optimization but looking to get more out of your program? We are happy to lend a hand, or a brain to your efforts. Whether you need fresh ideas and strategies or help designing or development tests, we'd love partner closely with you.

  • DataTarget

    Unlock the power of personalization.

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    Reach the right customers, with the perfect message, at the ideal time and place, and they will convert. Whether you need creative ideas for your next targeted campaign, or you're seeking a strategic partner to roll out a comprehensive personalization program, we've got the tools and experience to help you get the most out of personalization.

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    When properly executed, personalization campaigns result in significant revenue and conversion lift. However, marketing to an increasing number of customer segments is time and resource consuming. From ideation to design and execution, we help innovative brands more effectively and efficiently manage their personalization programs.

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    We are firm believers in walking before you run. Our Personalization Jump Start program is the perfect low-cost way to get some quick personalization wins and demonstrate ROI for deeper investment in personalization.

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    Already rockin' with personalization? Good for you. We're here to help if you need some fresh campaign ideas, want help identifying or understanding your customer segments, or help finding the best personalization technologies.

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