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We believe the key to unlocking lifetime customer value is creating experiences that delight, simply because, happy customers convert. Roboboogie brings creative designers and marketing scientists together to create unique, high-performance digital experiences. Our focused suite of services scale to meet your needs, and maximize your marketing spend. Our proven data-driven approach ensures results and a positive return on investment.


    Power your decisions with data.

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    We collect and de-clutter customer data to tell the 'what, why, when and how' stories you can take action with and how to take action to build more meaningful customer relationships.

    • Consulting/Troubleshooting

    • Implementation Strategy

    • Performance Monitoring & Reporting

    • Development

    • Campaign Analysis

    • Tag Management

    • Dashboard Creation

    • Monitoring

    Wacom and Site Improvements
    Iterative Site Improvements Take Online Sales to New Heights
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    Urban Airship and Effective CTS's
    More Effective CTA's Increase Enterprise Leads
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  • Design

    Create beautiful digital experiences that get results.

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    Our proven customer-centric, data-backed design process guarantees both form and function. Whether you're looking for a ground-up redesign, or want to make some design enhancements to your digital experience, we've got the skills to take your digital experience to the next level.

    • E-Commerce Websites

    • UX/UI Design

    • Online Communities

    • Wireframes

    • Microsites

    • Data-Visualization

    • Landing Pages

    • Gamification

    • Email

    • Site Architecture Mapping

    • Blogs

    • Customer Journey Mapping

    Benchmade and Data-Driven Site Redesign
    Sales Increase Following Data-Driven E-Commerce Site Redesign
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    Optimizely and Site Redesign
    Site Redesign Increases Membership & Engagement
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  • Optimization

    Get more from your digital experiences.

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    Whether you're just starting out with conversion rate optimization (CRO), or you're looking to take your CRO program to the next level, our proven customer-centric, data-backed, design-forward approach can help you exceed your online sales and conversion goals.

    • SEO

    • Conversion Rate Optimization

    • SEM

    • Multivariate & A/B Testing

    • Email

    • Segmentation & Targeting

    • Digital Marketing

    • Personalization

    Wacom and Data-Driven Template Redesign
    Data-Driven Template Redesign Increases Email Reach
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    The Clymb and Customer Value Improvements
    Improving Customer Value for Outdoor Retail
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  • Research

    Get to know your customers better.

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    We help you better understand your customers to drive strategy, uncover untapped segments, and power personalization.

    • Usability Testing

    • Focus Groups

    • Customer Surveys

    • Market Opportunity Research

    Bamboo and Sales Boost
    Creative Marketing Campaign Boosts Sales
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    UTI and Qualified Leads Increase
    Optimization Increases Qualified Leads for Higher Education
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  • Strategy

    Unlock your full market potential.

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    Reach the right customers, with the perfect message, at the ideal time and place, and they will convert. Whether you need creative ideas for your next targeted campaign, or you're seeking a strategic partner to roll out a comprehensive personalization program, we've got the tools and experience to help you get the most out of personalization.

    • Customer Journey Mapping

    • User Personas

    • Marketing & Experience Audits

      • >> Onsite

      • >> SEM

      • >> SEO

      • >> Email

      • >> Landing Page

    Kelty and Optimization Insights
    Optimization Insights Improve PDP Performance
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    Specialized and Behavioral Targeting
    Using Behavioral Targeting to Sell More Tires
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