Moving, Shaking, and A/B Testing in Oregon Wine Country

On a warm August evening, the Roboboogie team arrived at the Scholls Valley Lodge in scenic Oregon wine country for the Party in the Pinot, the Technology Association of Oregon‘s annual shindig. Bringing together some of the Oregon technology community’s top movers and shakers, the event is a sight to behold and we were proud to be part of this year’s sponsors.

Since we never want to miss an opportunity to bring together data, design, and a good time, we designed, developed, and launched an A/B test microsite specifically for the event. The goal: test partygoers on how their personal preferences on unlikely issues shaped their taste buds.

Photos by the incredible Jason DeSomer

Through a highly scientific process, we honed in on testing categories:

  • Star Wars vs. Star Trek
  • Broccoli vs. Bacon
  • Unicorn vs. Sasquatch
  • Hugs vs. High Fives
  • Wine preference: Wine A (Sokol Blosser Evolution Big Time Red) vs. Wine B (Dundee Hills 2016 Pinot Noir)

With everything set up, we invited one and all to challenge their palates and predilections. The wine flowed, the people chose, and the results were fascinating! Some were close calls, others a world of difference. Armed with our new knowledge, we compiled the most interesting insights into our handy-dandy infographic:

You can check out the test site we built here. (NOTE: we optimized it for tablets, so that’s the best viewing experience.) While we aren’t collecting any more submissions, you can always reach out to us at to learn more about how we can up your data and design game.

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