17 perfect holiday gifts to make an overworked eCommerce manager’s dreams come true

1980's devices like computers and tape recorders lined up.

It’s that time of year again — the time of year when you, a tired eCommerce manager, barely have enough time to brush your teeth, let alone get any holiday shopping done. 

And forget about making a gift list for yourself. 

Well, Roboboogie is here to help. Sit back and let our elves pick the perfect present to wrap for yourself and put under your own tree. Because let’s be honest, we know you know: if you want something done right, you’re going to have to do it yourself.

Recommendations from our experience engineer elf

AB Tasty Testing Platform
A reliable testing platform is a vital part of any eCommerce toolkit. AB Tasty builds A/B tests to leverage data that helps drive innovation and supports design teams’ efforts in crafting user-centric experiences. A high-performance gift with statistical significance.

A good version control system gives your team a way to track all of the assets related to a project and facilitates seamless collaboration for your developers by allowing multiple contributors to make changes that will merge into one source. It also comes in handy when a developer breaks their code. With proper versioning in place, it’s as simple as reverting to the previous working copy. Say you burn the holiday cookies. Don’t worry, with Git you can just roll back to batter…or roll all the way back to the store and buy already-made cookies.

Bose noise-canceling headphones
Who doesn’t want to relax and wait for a project to wrap, or to be able to have focused time to review and approve a quarterly testing plan, or dive into your site analytics…all while listening to music and not your children screaming and your dog barking in the background?

A magic timer that automatically estimates project timelines
Imagine a clock that gives automatic, accurate project estimates. Santa can make anything, right? Santa?

Recommendations from our behavioral analyst elf

Does your user experience make the nice list or the naughty list? Being able to draw insights from both qualitative and quantitative data allows your team to understand the needs and behaviors of your users more deeply and ultimately serve them better experiences. Fullstory not only allows you to replay a user’s session, but it also makes every element and interaction with your product instantly searchable. By this time next year, you’ll be on the nice list for sure.

Data Studio
Having a powerful and flexible visualization tool is essential for making sense of your data. Data Studio allows our team to quickly generate dynamic reports with plenty of integrations available out of the box. No more late nights manually crafting reports in your workshop by hand.

A stellar catalog of Zoom backgrounds
Let’s be honest, you aren’t getting out of video conferencing any time soon. Might as well invest in some entertaining backgrounds. You never know, you might be able to trick yourself into thinking you’re on a tropical beach.

Recommendations from our strategic designer elf

A style guide that updates itself
In a perfect world, there would be no more back and forth between design and development about inconsistencies and styling. Imagine how you could build more experiences faster with an efficient plug-n-play design library!

A fully-stocked library of brand assets
Create more creatively with a library of visual aids to help supplement and optimize the engagement with your content.

A pocket-sized user to keep at your desk to run all your ideas past
If only we could keep a Funko Pop-sized persona on our desk to validate our strategies, without having to deal with managing large-scale focus groups.

Recommendations from our optimization expert elf

Designers and developers talking to each other
With this holiday treat you’ll suddenly receive clear lines of communication between two pivotal eCommerce departments. For an added bonus gift if you’re extra good, you’ll also receive analysts directly communicating with designers to help bring data into your decision-making.

Socks and sandals
In the world of daily Zoom calls and video conferencing, get comfy. No one can see your feet so why not get yourself a nice cozy pair of wool socks and some ergonomic sandals. 2020 might be a nightmare but at least your feet don’t hurt.

If this year is any indication of the times to come, buckle up. Digital shopping isn’t going anywhere. Time to pour yourself a drink.

Recommendations from our project manager elf

One Project Management Tool to Rule Them All
Give yourself an incredible project management tool that does it all. That’s right — one single tool for all of your project management needs. No more jumping between platforms and spreadsheets and Slack message. Find a tool that offers per-project team messaging, Gantt chart timelines, and dependent tasks At Roboboogie, we’ve tested a few project management tools out, Asana is the front-runner for us!

Organization-wide Agile adoption
You and your team are built on Agile and you don’t run, you sprint! You’ve been extra good this year, so your entire org is buying in. Everyone will be able to run sprint, communicate efficiently, and to work toward producing tangible, working results with iterative improvements based on previous sprints. Add this to your gift list from Santa, or your boss, if possible. 2021 goals!

A team of consultative optimization experts
We know you can do it all. Often, you actually do do it all. This year is a great year to add or expand your eCommerce team with talented optimization experts in design, development, A/B testing, and analytics in one place. If you want to unwrap an awesome team of experts this year, Roboboogie is here for you.

While we know some of these gifts aren’t actually readily available, maybe what you really need this year is a helping hand. Roboboogie’s elves work around the clock, all year long, to bring your company more revenue. Ready to give yourself a very happy Holiday? Contact Matt Bullock at matt@teamroboboogie.com.