Supercharging Smiles: Roboboogie’s Digital Makeover for PediaSure and Abbott

DesignRush, the authoritative voice in design excellence, is featuring Roboboogie’s work among “The Best Colorful Web Designs” in their upcoming article. Join us on a journey where we not only revamped the digital landscape for PediaSure and Abbott but also earned a coveted spot among the most visually stunning web designs. Supercharge your brand’s smile factor with our tale of creativity, strategy, and digital transformation.


When Abbott, a global healthcare powerhouse, enlisted Roboboogie to revamp and optimize their PediaSure websites in the EURISA regions, they aimed for more than just a makeover. Our mission? Supercharge smiles by enhancing user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) while ensuring brand consistency. Additionally, Abbott sought to create a foundation for future regions with innovative site components and CRM campaigns.

Discovery & Baseline Strategy

Embarking on this thrilling journey, our comprehensive discovery phase set the stage.

Competitive Research: To navigate the market landscape, we dissected five key competitors, uncovering strengths and weaknesses against the PediaSure sites. This strategic analysis unearthed opportunities for differentiation, enabling Abbott to shine in a saturated market.

Content & Component Evaluation: We meticulously scrutinized the existing PediaSure websites, evaluating the effectiveness of each component and copy. Through thoughtful ranking and assessment, we gained a profound understanding of assets, pinpointing areas primed for enhancement.

Analytics Audit: Leveraging the power of Google Analytics, our in-depth analysis of usage data on the original PediaSure sites uncovered valuable insights into user behavior, preferences, and pain points. Armed with these insights, we laid a robust foundation for data-driven decision-making and optimization.

Strategic Web Design

With the discovery findings in hand, we seamlessly transitioned into the strategic web design phase, aiming for an engaging and intuitive experience.

Redesigned Pages:

Undergoing a transformative Blue Sky redesign, the PediaSure homepage and main pages became a canvas for innovation. We explored creative possibilities, pushing the boundaries while aligning with Abbott’s branding guidelines. The result? A refreshed look and feel that breathed new life into these key pages, captivating users and effectively communicating the brand’s value proposition.

Illustrations & Interactivity: Our design focus extended beyond aesthetics to create an experience that resonates with parents. We infused surprise and delight moments, including peek-a-boo animations and child-like illustrations, conveying that with PediaSure’s help, mealtimes could be filled with joy and fun.

Web Style Guideline: To ensure consistency, we meticulously documented the new look and feel in an XD link and cloud library. This web style guide became a comprehensive reference, ensuring future designs and components adhered to the established visual identity.

Results and Impact

Our collaboration with Abbott resulted in significant improvements to the PediaSure websites, transforming Abbott’s digital presence and customer engagement.

Elevated User Experience: The strategic web design process successfully transformed the PediaSure websites, delivering an enriched user experience. The redesigned pages captivated visitors, guiding them effortlessly through content and effectively conveying the brand’s value proposition.

Consistency and Branding: With a comprehensive web style guideline and component library, we ensured consistent branding and messaging. This cohesive visual identity strengthened Abbott’s brand recognition, fostering trust among its target audience.

Optimization Opportunities: The meticulous analytics assessment provided Abbott with insights into user behavior, preferences, and pain points. Armed with this knowledge, Abbott optimized the websites further, improving conversion rates and overall digital platform performance.

Scalability and Expansion: Our foundational site components and CRM campaigns set a solid baseline for future regions. This approach streamlined expansion efforts, maintaining consistent messaging, design, and user experience across different markets.


Our collaboration with Abbott on optimizing the PediaSure websites showcases Roboboogie’s expertise in UX/UI design and digital marketing. Through thorough audits, strategic redesigns, and comprehensive resources, we empowered Abbott to enhance user experience, maintain brand consistency, and establish a foundation for future growth.

The engagement resulted in a visually appealing and user-friendly website, coupled with tangible improvements in key metrics. With a data-driven approach, we empowered Abbott to make informed decisions and optimize the websites based on user insights. The partnership between Roboboogie and Abbott underscores the power of effective UX/UI design in driving brand success in the digital space.

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