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Embracing the Design Thinking Process

Acknowledging the need to optimize is one thing, but being tasked with the challenge of doing so can seem overwhelming. Design Thinking breaks down the process of ideation into bite-sized pieces, empowering anyone to look at problems critically and creatively.

Lacie Web

Lacie Webb

UX/UI Designer

Design Thinking is a process by which anyone (not just creatives!) can create ideas and have their voices be heard. The path through Design Thinking isn’t always linear, but the result is always innovative and magical. Join us as Lacie Webb, UX/UI Designer at roboboogie, will talk more about Design Thinking and embracing creative problem solving.

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Event Showcase

Optimizing Customer Experiences through Personalized Marketing

Kim Toomey

Customer Success Manager at Lytics

January, 18, 2018 | Assembly Lounge

For many years, companies have long sought to personalize experiences for customers across websites, email marketing, ads and more. Yet many have found the available technologies lacking. Some technologies only work for one channel (say, the website). Others don’t create a complete profile of a customer using diverse data sources. And many technologies don’t take advantage of advances in machine learning and data science to predict what a customer might want or do next. Kim Toomey discussed how leading brands such as Heineken, Dr. Martens and Madison Reed personalize interactions with customers in an omnichannel fashion.

Let's Start Making the Internet More Accessible

Silas Sao

Sr. Product Designer at Cloudability

November, 9, 2017 | Buckman Public House

Allowing those with disabilities to experience your product or website effectively can be crucial to its success. As creators of experiences for others, we need to take responsibility and make sure the content we are generating is consumable by as many users as possible. Silas shared tools and tips to help evaluate the current state of your project and its accessibility, along with ways to change the way you think about design, allowing you to target a broader range of users.

What does success look like without a clear KPI?

Andy Hugelier

Director of Design at Opal Labs

September 14, 2017 | Assembly Lounge

Performance metrics are critical for the optimization of any experience, but what happens when users interact with the product in wildly different ways? Andy discussed some of the challenges he's faced and methodologies he's applied for measuring success in a variable goal environment.

Optimizing Innovation: Step-by-Step to an MVP

Ben Strackany

CEO at DevelopmentNow

June 29, 2017 | Assembly Lounge

We are all trying to innovate upon our optimization processes, but how do you actually make that happen? Ben brings 20 years of startup and consulting experience to review case studies and techniques about how to optimize new product ideas. Come away with actionable strategies to use iteration, feedback loops and data to develop a Minimum Viable Product.

This just got personal: Using customer research to take the guess work out of personalization

Ryan Summers

Experience Optimization Strategist at Connective DX

April 27, 2017 | Assembly Lounge

Everyone is talking about personalization, but how does it actually work? Ryan walked us through a case study with KinderCare and share the framework he uses to validate his personalization strategy and align research and behavior data to the customer experience.

Data Visualization Techniques to Discover Optimization Opportunities

Justin Wade

Senior Data Strategist at Swift Agency.

January 19, 2017 | Assembly Lounge

Every day, we create over 2.5 quintillion bytes of data, and we'll create more tomorrow than we did today. As digital marketers, we swim through this sea of information and opportunity. But where to? And how can we read these currents? Justin Wade shared powerful and practical data visualization techniques to help you discover opportunities, interpret hidden patterns, and tell better stories through data.

Optimizing customer e-mail acquisition on a global scale for the consumer electronics industry.

Charles Voloshin

Sr. Global Manager, Digital Marketing at Wacom Technologies

November 10, 2016 | Wacom Experience Center

In today's marketing environment it's important for a brand to be able to have a one-on-one relationship with their customers, and it's not mystery a customer's name and email address is an extremely valuable asset to a brand. However, measuring the real value, and determining what you should spend to get a new email subscriber can be challenging.

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