Technology Partnership Program

Accelerate your customers’ success.

Help your clients drive adoption and maximize their ROI. We provide training, support, and strategy to help develop systems that uncover data-driven insights and drive higher conversions. Long story short, we help your clients get the most out of your technology.

Why partner with Roboboogie?

We’re here to help close sales and keep your customers happy.

From onboarding and enablement to helping brands optimize their digital experience, our expertise in helping customers get the most out of your technology that will lead to increased adoption and a better user experience.

  • Advocates who drive successful adoption to reduce churn and increase customer lifetime value.

  • Super charged sales power to create upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

  • A team of experienced industry experts with deep knowledge of your technology.

  • Extra eyes and ears to help you stay in the loop on a client’s needs.

Work with us to drive your clients’ success (and yours).

We help clients maximize their ROI by getting the most out your technology. This means increased adoption and reduced churn.

Deliver high quality training and best practices to ensure clients are set up for success.

Enable effective technical implementations, configurations and tech stack integrations to get clients up and running quickly.

Assess a client’s digital ecosystem, deliver strategic recommendations and create growth opportunities for your technology.

Create a step-by-step roadmap for seamless adoption of new technology that promotes active engagement and minimizes disruption.

Provide hands-on guidance in the tool to help clients tackle their goals and get early ROI.

Our preferred partners.

“It has been a real treat working with you all, and I look forward to continuing our relationship as we move into the next phase of FullStory at KAYAK.”

“This session was the missing link for our team to really move forward with FullStory. We have already started to utilize FullStory Dashboard for an experience we released today! ”

“It's been a pleasure onboarding with Roboboogie and I'm glad that we're in a stable place where we can use FullStory to our advantage.”

“The onboarding session was a valuable spend for us.”

Tools we know and love.

We tap into the best analytics technologies on the market, to get you the clearest picture of how customers are using your website.