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The pizza’s gone, but we still have insights to share

Thank you to all those that were able to attend our Lunch 'N Learn event: Turning data insights into record-breaking holiday sales with FullStory!

We were thrilled with the number of people who were able to join us to eat some pizza and engage in the insights from our team and our partners at FullStory to break some holiday sales records.

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Turning data insights into record-breaking holiday sales with FullStory

We’re all looking ahead to one of the most unprecedented holiday shopping seasons in the history of eCommerce. As UX and conversion rate optimization experts, we’re testing campaigns and making updates for our clients to maximize sales performance through the holiday season.

Together with our partners at FullStory, we co-led a Robo/FullStory demo focused on how to uncover lost revenue and make UX improvements ahead of the holiday shopping season.

Whether you hope to build on a banner year, or you’re looking to dramatically ramp up your site’s performance this season, there are always ways to get more from your website and provide a better customer experience.


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    Roboboogie creates high-performance digital experiences through iterative, data-backed design and UX improvements. FullStory’s data-capture technology gives us the ability to analyze and assess both the qualitative and quantitative data that drives meaningful customer experience improvements. And, because FullStory runs on both browser-based applications and native mobile iOS and Android apps, we can capture user journeys across devices as customers move between website and mobile applications.


    Chris Zannotti

    Sales Engineer at FullStory

    Chris Zannotti started his career as an account executive out of college. He eventually ended up at Salesforce selling the marketing cloud and transitioned into a sales engineering role, where he fell in love with the technical side of things. He leverages his sales acumen and technical knowledge to assist FullStory account executives in running technical discovery, demonstrations, and proof of concepts.


    John Gentle

    Roboboogie Founder, Chief Experience Officer

    John Gentle has spent most of his professional career in user experience design, digital strategy, and iterative, data-backed design. His relationship with data went next level when Roboboogie partnered with FullStory 2 years ago, turbocharging Roboboogie’s work with notable eCommerce brands and leading them to the conversion rate promised land.