Impacted by the Google Optimize Sunset?

Don't worry — Roboboogie is your trusted partner in navigating this transition and keeping your A/B testing program rolling.

Need expert advice, hands-on resources, or both?

Advisory Services
"We know there are a lot of testing platforms out there. Can Roboboogie help us sort out which technology is best for our A/B testing program and advise us on how to quickly make the transition?"
Hands-on Migrations
"We need help making the switch. Can your experts ensure things are up-and-running quickly, train our team on the new technology and ensure tests are properly built and tracking the data we need?"

Why Roboboogie?

Our team of seasoned A/B testing experts has extensive experience optimizing digital experiences and successfully migrating clients from Google Optimize to alternative platforms with minimal disruption. Learn more about our A/B testing services.

Tailored Advisory Services

Our approach is never one-size-fits-all. We take the time to understand your unique business needs, objectives, and existing infrastructure. This allows us to tailor our advisory services specifically to your situation, providing you with actionable insights, strategic guidance, and customized recommendations that align with your business goals.

Seamless Transitions + Swift Results

Switching platforms shouldn't mean sacrificing efficiency or results. Roboboogie's consultants can ensure a smooth and swift testing technology transition to keep your optimization efforts on track. Our streamlined process, guarantees a seamless shift to the best platform, minimizing downtime and maximizing A/B testing ROI.

“The talent at Roboboogie is top notch – no other agency is as data-focused when it comes to design and user experience decisions. No question, Roboboogie only makes smart decisions.”

Aaron Stusser,

eCommerce Manager at Yakima Racks

“Roboboogie consistently found innovative solutions to work within the limitations of our platform that added up to a 46% revenue increase YOY. They have always been there for us during critical product deployments and work with incredibly tight deadlines to deliver a stellar product.”

Conan Magnuson,

eCommerce Manager at Wacom Technologies

“Roboboogie’s full-service optimization task-force makes A/B testing easy. Data-driven UX with creative and dev chops and excellent service. Roboboogie is a dream agency to work with. We are getting impressive results.”

Craig Schinn,

Senior Director of eCommerce at The Clymb

“Roboboogie helped us take our testing program from 5 to 100 almost overnight. They gave us much needed insight into our customer segments and acted on that to drive actual results through personalization, A/B testing and design.”

John Freeborn,

EX Lead at Specialized Bikes

“We engaged with Roboboogie to conduct an experience audit of our site because we wanted a fresh perspective. Our design team used many of Roboboogie’s recommendations when we re-platformed our site, and our post launch conversion rate is up 121%!”

Cory Barnes,

Digital Marketing Manager at Exxel Outdoors/Kelty

“Roboboogie’s strategic, data-backed approach design removed subjectivity from the design process and is yielding a 151% increase in community registrations. Our partners and customers love the new Optiverse community.”

Amanda Swan,

Community Manager at Optimizely

We can walk the walk, and talk the talk.

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