Ensuring Success: Roboboogie's Impactful Content Strategy for Ensure's Health-Conscious Audience

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Ensure, a sub-brand of Abbott Labs, is a trusted leader in the health and nutrition industry, committed to providing innovative products that support individuals' well-being.

Seeking to enhance their connection with a new, lifestyle-oriented, health-conscious audience of individuals aged 40+ and promote their Nutrivigor/Advance/Gold products, Ensure engaged Roboboogie to help Ensure drive engagement, raise brand awareness, and deliver distinctive benefits to their target audience.

Identify Our Target Audiences

Develop Campaign Strategy

Identifying Our Target Audiences

By catering to the specific needs and aspirations of these target audience personas, our teams collaborated to create a campaign experience that connects on a personal level, addresses individual goals, and promotes long-term brand advocacy.

Example of an Audience profile Example of an Audience profile

The Go-Getter

This persona represents individuals who lead busy and active lifestyles, seeking to prevent minor illnesses and fill nutritional gaps. They prioritize efficiency and value products that enable them to maintain their energy levels and stay on top of their responsibilities.

The Young-at-Heart

This persona encompasses individuals with a youthful mindset, desiring to stay adventurous and engage with younger family members. They value products that support their muscle strength and resilience, empowering them to actively participate in outdoor activities and enjoy meaningful experiences.

The Life Embracer

This persona embodies individuals who prioritize self-confidence and embrace their bodies at every stage of life. They seek complete wellness and products that promote self-love and body positivity, empowering them to live life to the fullest and embrace their unique beauty.

By catering to the specific needs and aspirations of these target audience personas, our teams collaborated to create a campaign experience that connects on a personal level, addresses individual goals, and promotes long-term brand advocacy.

Campaign Strategy Development

Our team, in collaboration with Ensure, spearheaded the development and execution of the upcoming 'Be Your Best You with Ensure' campaign. This transformative campaign aims to empower health-conscious individuals aged 40+ with busy and active lifestyles to prioritize their well-being and prevent minor illnesses. The overarching theme of "Celebrating Adulthood" guides the campaign, utilizing upstream and downstream models to connect with consumers throughout their adulthood journey.

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Developing Campaign Messaging

Simple Self-Care

The first theme of our campaign was a compelling message around the importance of self-care. The campaign theme highlights how Ensure's convenient and nutritious options simplify self-care, allowing individuals to reclaim time, energy, and mental focus for themselves and their loved ones.

Abbott Self-care messaging example

Proven Nutrition You Can Trust

To establish trust and credibility, we leveraged real testimonials and experiences to showcase Ensure's commitment to innovative nutrition. The campaign emphasizes Ensure as a reliable brand, offering personalized nutrition solutions that cater to individual needs and preferences.

Abbott proven nutrition messaging example

Pursuing Life's Possibilities

The Pursuing Life’s Possibilities theme infused the campaign with the key components of staying healthy and embracing life to the fullest. Ensure's products provide the strength and energy necessary to pursue passions, goals, and ambitions, irrespective of age. Additionally, the campaign highlights Ensure's support for individuals and organizations making a difference in communities, ensuring equal opportunities for living life to the fullest.

Abbott Pursuing Life's Possibilities messaging example


The campaign's emphasis on rich and engaging content, value exchange, and personalized experiences has created a meaningful connection with the target audience, fostering brand loyalty and driving long-term brand advocacy. Through the themes of Simple Self-Care, Proven Nutrition You Can Trust, and Pursuing Life's Possibilities, Ensure has positioned itself as a trusted partner that supports individuals in achieving their health goals and embracing adulthood at every age and milestone.

The scalable components developed by our team, including the user experience strategy, design, measurement strategy, and content library, provide a solid foundation for future regional campaigns across different markets. The toolkit created for other EURISA regions ensures a consistent and impactful campaign rollout, maximizing the campaign's effectiveness and reach.

The partnership between Roboboogie and Ensure/Abbott continues to thrive as they work together to launch the campaign in South Africa as a pilot, while laying the groundwork for future regional campaigns. The collaboration exemplifies the power of data-driven strategies and experimentation in delivering personalized, engaging, and effective marketing experiences.

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