Creative Marketing & Sales Optimization

roboboogie implemented an eight month optimization and data-backed design strategy, resulting in an unprecedented increase in engagement and product sales. Three seamless landing page experiences were created to align with content tracks and bridge highly searchable content topics (Life Hacks, Mindful Meetings and Productivity) with key Bamboo product benefits. Blog functionality was enhanced to integrate shoppable images and provide more actionable product references within blog posts, with roboboogie running additional A/B test campaigns to further amplify purchases and conversions. Ultimately, this work significantly exceeded Wacom’s marketing goals and increased the blog’s conversion rate by 625% - representing nearly 35% of the total Bamboo sales through Amazon for the campaign duration.



Online Sales


Blog Subscribers
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Experience Design
  • A/B Testing
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Wacom brought the product (Bamboo smartpads) and roboboogie brought the technical and creative expertise. Through this partnership, we’ve improved countless people’s workdays with smart marketing. The numbers tell the success story.


Melissa Ashcraft, Global Director of Marketing Communications