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5 Adobe XD features you might be missing out on

Adobe XD is a powerful tool used for creating digital prototypes across UX/UI. Whether you’re just beginning your design career or you’re a seasoned professional, there are always more tricks you can learn to expand capabilities or speed up your workflow. Here are 5 Adobe XD features that you might be missing out on: Feature [...]

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How to Get Great Qualitative Insights from User Testing

Every UX team should have a certified mind reader. However, mind reading certification does not exist... yet. In the meantime, UX researchers have honed in on what may be the next best thing: user testing.  Ah, the art of user testing - guiding users through a journey; seeking out an alternative point of view, an [...]

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Inside the Mind of Strategic Designer, Chase Farrell

Ever wondered who takes the big ideas at Roboboogie and makes them into real, living things? Meet Strategic Designer, Chase Farrell. This month, he was kind enough to sit down and tell us a little about what he does. How do you describe what you do? I like to view it as bringing our client [...]

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