Let’s Talk Optimization!

We are excited to bring you a new blog series taking a closer look at roboboogie’s approach to optimization showcased through work with one of our amazing clients, Specialized Bikes. This post will be the first in a series of six, as we dive into deconstructing our process through a handful of real-life client success stories. To kick this series off, let’s begin by laying down how we define foundations of the (somewhat nebulously defined) optimization industry.

What Optimization Means to Us

Optimization involves efforts of iteratively improving a process over time. To us, it lives in the sweet spot intersection of science and creativity. Optimization can be applied to many areas, but we’re pros at applying optimization practices to measure and maximize the effectiveness of a digital experience. What does that mean? We’re all about gathering raw data (in both qualitative and quantitative form), interpreting it, and harnessing the data-stories to inform design and functionality. As the importance of digital strategy becomes increasingly evident across the marketing world, optimization becomes the key to staying competitive. Our optimization process utilizes data from a variety of sources (behavioral analytics, customer surveys, usability testing, onsite testing, market trends, heuristic evaluations, and any other form of knowledge we can get our hands on) to evaluate current experiences, identify gaps in performance, and inform business actions. In order to discover new ways to optimize existing brand assets, optimizers like us use tools like segmented targeting and A/B testing to customize and deeply personalize each aspect of a marketing strategy with the needs of the customers kept in mind. We use data-driven design to improve customer journeys and ultimately, make the internet better! Every decision we make at roboboogie revolves around being strategic with customer data. 

How Do We Work?

Our unique approach to the world of marketing, design, experimentation and personalization utilizes both sides of our brains: creative and analytical. Our approach can help guide companies through the optimization process through our service offerings which include: 

  • Data Insights: We de-clutter customer data to tell the ‘what, why, when and how’ stories you can use build more profitable customer relationships. Our insights include qualitative research, analytics and journey mapping to fully understand and document customer needs and motivations.
  • Data Design: Our proven customer-centric, data-backed design process guarantees both form and function. Whether you’re looking for a ground-up redesign, or want to make some design enhancements to your digital experience, we’ve got the skills to take your digital experience to the next level.
  • Data Convert: Whether you’re just starting out with conversion rate optimization, or you’re looking to take your CRO program to the next level, our proven customer-centric, data-backed, design-forward approach can help you exceed your online sales and conversion goals.
  • Data Target: Reach the right customers, with the perfect message, at the ideal time and place, and they will convert. Whether you need creative ideas for your next targeted campaign, or you’re seeking a strategic partner to roll out a comprehensive personalization program, we’ve got the tools and experience to help you get the most out of personalization.

Getting the Most from Customer Data

Here at roboboogie, we believe experimentation is the key to success. Data-driven marketing and design through testing is the key to business decision-making in the digital space. Customers are telling us what they want everyday through their site behavior – we just have to ask the questions (and test our hypotheses) to uncover creative solutions that best suit the needs of customers. This customer-oriented approach increases conversions and satisfaction, while ensuring the user is getting the most from a brand encounter. This all centers around getting to know target customers better- who they are, what motivates them, how they perceive a brand, and what they expect from an online experience all factor in to how we approach solving a problem through optimization.

Introducing Our Case Study: Specialized Bikes

Specialized Bikes, a major innovative U.S. brand of bicycles and cycling-related products, engaged roboboogie to help optimize their digital experience to grow their online community and improve online sales. Their desktop website design, which closely aligns to their product catalog, was not achieving goals for selling gear components and apparel. Additionally, their mobile experience was rapidly becoming a significant engagement touchpoint with customers, and also represented significant opportunities for optimization. Our optimization focus areas for this client were:

  1. Raise shopping site awareness
  2. Provide a clear path to products
  3. Improve site usability

Through our unique DATAactions approach, we were able to systematically identify and solve for opportunities while iteratively improving over time to meet and exceed business goals:

We harnessed customer and site data to develop consumer personas to help Specialized better understand the users that were coming to their site and where the experience gaps were.

Facing internal resource and timeline challenges we stepped in to make strategic design changes, developed promotional content and served targeted messaging through the Optimizely platform.

Through a series of A/B testing campaigns, we improved site usability and, among other improvements, increased average time on site, product engagement, and ultimately revenue.

In one particular testing & personalization campaign, as part of a seasonal push to sell more accessories, the roboboogie team implemented a buy-one-get-one campaign for road tires called “Let’s Go Dutch.” Through a series of style and copy testing for the promotion, in addition to tire shopper segment building, the optimized and personalized experience produced a highly successful 21% lift in revenue. For more on our personalization efforts with Specialized Bikes, check out our case study: Harnessing Optimizely to Power Personalization Campaign Targeting.

Over the next four posts, we’ll get into more specifics about our optimization approach with Specialized Bikes, the impact we had, and the tactics we used to achieve our goals. Keep an eye out for our next installment in this series, Fundamentals of Optimization, where we’ll talk about how we take on a new client, the tools we use.

Contributors: Andrea Pappoff, Duncan Lawrence, Etain O’Longaigh, Jedidiah Fugle