Face-to-face time is crucial for efficient communication, effective collaboration, and a thriving culture. With the sudden shift requiring our team to communicate entirely online, we realized we needed to quickly adapt to ensure we were able to continue to deliver the level of quality we strive for, all while maintaining our sense of community and culture. We have rolled out video calls for every form of communication – from collaboration sessions to internal check-ins, to client presentations.

That’s why we created a Remote Video Buddy System to help ensure everyone was set up for success, and that our collaboration time was smooth, efficient, and fun!

We had our team pair up with a partner and work through the following checklist:

  1. My face is well lit and clearly visible.
    • Tip: Add a desk lamp to light the workspace, or work facing a window when possible.
    • Tip: Turn off glaring lights / close blinds behind you (backlighting darkens face and creates white-out spaces).
  2. My workspace is situated with a clean, clutter-free space behind.
    • Tip: Move desk placement to limit the distance between self and a rear wall.
    • Tip: Remove clutter/messes on shelves, furniture, walls.
  3. My backdrop is free from ongoing movement.
    • Tip: Check for things such as traffic, fans, or actively playing children/pets.
  4. My surroundings are quiet and free from disruptive noises.
    • Tip: Check for road-noise, heat/AC noise, fan noise, etc.
    • Tip: Mute your microphone if you are not speaking and be sure to check your mute status if you want to speak 
    • Tip: Using headphones that can be plugged in while using computer audio can help minimize noise
    • Tip: Ensure your microphone is at proper volume and doesn’t pick up rustling clothing, drink consumption, etc.
  5. My video connection is stable and high resolution.
    • Tip: Check for dropped video frequency, consistent quality of visuals.
    • Tip: When you’re sharing a screen, ensure Slack and messaging notifications are muted.
  6. My audio connection is stable and clear.
    • Tip: Check for dropped audio/call frequency, consistent quality of audio.
    • Tip: If having trouble, default to dialing in versus using computer audio.
    • Tip: Ensure audio notifications are turned off or temporarily muted.
  7. My appearance and mannerisms are professional and meeting-appropriate.
    • Tip: Consider attire, distracting movements/habits, personal grooming, etc.
    • Tip: Ensure you are faced toward the camera and microphone while speaking.
    • Tip: When sharing your screen, remember that you are still visible to the audience.

We hope this checklist helps you or your team set some standards to help make your collaboration sessions, check-ins, and presentations as efficient and effective as they can be in this remote-centric season. What to learn how the Roboboogie team staying happy and healthy in this wacky season of social distancing? Check out our blog post, here.

Have other ideas, feedback, or questions? Hit us up!