For this installment of our yearly Design Week Portland (DWP) open house, we chose the theme “may the data be with you.” It references two of our favorite things, data and Star Wars. The conversations were flowing, and so were the beverages from our friends over at Widmer Brothers Brewing. If you’re kicking yourself for not coming out to hang with the roboboogie team, don’t fret this is the recap you are looking for!

Happy Customers Convert and Widmer beers.

Guests were fortunate to not only be greeted by a smiling roboboogie employee, but also with a custom Star Wars trivia test to see where the real Jedi Master’s were hiding in Portland. We have to say, our team was thoroughly impressed with the Star Wars fandom in the city with the majority of results being Jedi Master.

Screen Shot of roboboogie's website displaying data from Design Week Portland

We landed on this visual approach of data communication to further display the frequent crossover of data analysis and creativity. Working in the marketing realm, our role is to both delight and engage with customers. When discussing data this is usually best served through a form of visualization. We took a light-hearted approach to your standard bar chart with the shifting sizes of lightsabers instead of your normal layout. Creativity in data visualization can go a long way when you’re looking to explain a dataset. Are you interested to see where you fall on the Jedi spectrum? You can still take the test here, and view your results at Be sure to tweet @roboboogiepdx on twitter with your results!

Kelly, Chaylee, and Darius hanging out at Design Week Portland

At roboboogie, we’ve fully adopted the “may the data be with you” mindset when tackling our day to day work. We see data as a platform to provide insight into our design decisions. In a very abstract comparison we will compare data insights to the force. In fact, this “very real” quote from Master Kenobi comes to mind, “Well, Data is what gives a Jedi his power. It’s an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us and penetrates us; it binds the galaxy together.” Pretty nice words from Obi-Wan himself. We have to agree, data binds us all together because it is in fact all of us together making the data.

On an unrelated, but critically important note, is anything not made better by a custom GIF? Check out these incredible GIFs highlighting a few frequent agency dilemmas paired seamlessly with your favorite star wars scenes. We know you’ll especially enjoy these if you work in the industry.

If you missed out on this open house don’t worry! We have another event coming up just around the corner. Our next installment of Camp Optimization will be taking place on May 24th right here in the Washington High building. We are fortunate to be hosting Aaron Stusser from Yakima speaking on buying decision behaviors and the importance of content optimization. You can reserve your tickets here.

A big thank you to everyone who came out to Friday’s open house. We love any chance to host Portland’s incredible community of designers and design aficionados.

-May the data be with us all-

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