On Thursday, March 21st, Roboboogie is hosting a special, expert panel edition of Camp Optimization at Teote, located at 2700 NE Alberta St. in Portland. This meet-up will feature Roboboogie’s very own website optimization pros, sharing their wisdom across three unique disciplines. Read more below for a sneak peak of our expert panel, and their thoughts on the importance of A/B testing and what we help our clients achieve.

“I consider design and data to be two sides of the same coin. When you’re only making design decisions in isolation, you’re basing your design decisions off of best practice and intuition, which will only get a design so far. By using data, designers get to challenge themselves to respond reactively to what data is showing them that users respond well to.” – Lacie Webb, Sr. Strategic Designer

“A lot of times, people think of A/B testing in a really simplistic manner. Changing a headline or changing copy or a button color or something. We like to think of testing more in the multivariate style of testing, where we want to make drastic changes to see drastic results” – Jeremy Sell, Lead Experience Engineer

“A/B testing resonates for me because it is assigning a data point to experiences on the site” -Tyler Hudson, Behavioral Analyst

We are incredibly excited for this special edition event, and can’t wait to see you there! Anyone interested in learning more about the process, tools and techniques required to make a test-and-optimize program successful should attend March’s Camp Optimization. As if that is not enough, we will also explore the merits of consuming mezcal with an A/B test, and enjoy light appetizers and the Latin-American flair of Teote. Learn more and RSVP for free on Eventbrite. Questions about March’s Camp Optimization Event? Contact us!