It’s finally here — the new year we’ve been anticipating forever, or at least since life was upended by a global pandemic in March. Now, a vaccine is rolling out and maybe, just maybe, this will start to get back to some version of normalcy.

But when it all returns, and we can once again hug our friends or dine together indoors, what from these last tumultuous months will remain?

We asked the Roboboogie team to tell us what trends they think will live on once the pandemic recedes into memory.

Working remote is here to stay.

I’ve long been a believer that optional remote work allows us to be our most productive. Having the ability to go heads down on a large project, without distractions for a few hours produces the best work and no place can offer the isolation of our home office. The one caveat is that too much time away from a team can wreak havoc on company culture and make people feel isolated. There is a sweet spot and it differs for different people. – Jeremy Sell (Director of Technology)

Bye, Bye, Bye, ‘90s design.

No one wants to admit it, but the ‘90s are out, nostalgia-wise. Just like we’re seeing gaudy neons, tiny purses and (god forbid) low-rise jeans making their comebacks, I predict we’ll also see early 2000s web design trends like skeuomorphism, animation, and decidedly non-flat design make their reimagined reentrances in 2021. This year’s design trends will be a y2k-compliant blast from the past! – August Wanner (Jr. Designer)

Emojis. Tell us how you really feel.

One trend I’ve been noticing is the increased usage of emojis in the context of copywriting. Over the past few years, we’ve all drastically shifted the way we communicate (i.e. emojis, gifs, memes) and businesses are simply following suit. Emojis have a unique ability to communicate large amounts of information with a tiny footprint. Not only that, but they also come pre-packaged with additional context of all sorts of cultural connotations. While there are some lazier instances of this (looking at you, poop-emoji products), overall it makes sense that businesses have begun to use emojis and I look forward to seeing some more innovative ways they can be put to use! – Chase Farrell

Fresh produce delivered to your doorstep.

Pre-pandemic, I was in the grocery store every one to two days. I would plan meals one-at-a-time and buy just what I needed. Subscribing to grocery delivery services has changed not only the way I shop but how I cook and what I eat. With weekly groceries being delivered to my door, I have more left-overs that save time cooking and give me food to eat on the go. I am also discovering new foods and always have vegetables in the house, which means I am eating better. I imagine there are a lot of folks also making this shift and feeling the benefits of home grocery delivery. Thanks, COVID-19 and Imperfect Foods! – John

As we move on into 2021, the team at Roboboogie is here to help make sure your customers are having the best experience on your site possible. Even if there comes a point where they no longer need to shop online, they will still want to.

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