The old adage is true, a picture can be worth 1000 words. However, use the wrong image, and you might communicate the wrong 1000-word message. But in a highly dynamic and fast-paced world, communicating your message quickly is key to reaching customers.

Remember to keep things visual, while communicating the right message:

  • Images effectively and efficiently tell a story – carefully select images that support your message to tell the story you are trying to communicate at a glance.
  • Visuals set the right mood – Imagery, textures, and patterns can be used to set a tone or mood. This not only helps make your brand more relatable, but it can also significantly influence purchasing decisions by increasing customer confidence and comfort level.
the clymb snowflake example

True story: Put snowflakes on everything.

Through testing and optimizing the web experience for The Clymb over several holiday seasons, we discovered the power of thematic content changes: including the addition of winter/snow themed visuals, which increased shopper engagement and buying propensity by as much as 30%! Since the discovery, the concept has proven effective across numerous industries, user types, and digital experiences. Remember: put a snowflake on it!

  • Images and illustrations effectively communicate more complicated concepts – a series of images or infographics are an effective way to communicate more complicated concepts, processes, or products/services.
  • Users love videos – Recent user studies show that over 70% of users would prefer to watch a video than reading text to learn about a product. However, videos need to be well-written and well-produced. Be mindful of length – videos should be concise and informative.

Another true story:

Visuals make connections. Visual content developed for Mindful Meetings helped contribute to a whopping 22% subscriber rate and a 25% lift in online sales throughout the campaign.

Tell a story

Telling a story that provides tremendous value to readers helps them see the value your brand can provide for them. Powerful visual assets and good design show you care enough to create an experience that works well and is enjoyable to navigate and use. Good content makes people happy, and happy customers convert*.

*Full disclosure: Roboboogie is a design-forward agency, so we are completely and utterly biased in our belief that investing in good design is money well spent. Fortunately, you don’t have to take our word for it. We’ve got plenty of data that proves it.

And that wraps up our series: Have Great Content. We hope we have shed some light on the power content can have in driving engagement and conversions as part of your optimization process and that “having great content” is on its way to becoming one of the key pillars in your efforts of driving user engagement, satisfaction, and conversions.

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