josh logan

Interview with Roboboogie Technical Coordinator, Josh Logan

Do you have a go-to person to contact with complex technical questions? For Roboboogie, that person is Josh Logan – our rockstar Technical Coordinator. This week, we’re chatting with Josh to learn more about his role at Roboboogie, the importance of QA, and his thoughts on emerging technologies.   How […]

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Hero illustration showing a cat, dog, runner, woman drinking coffee, man working at desk and woman running

2018 New Years Optimization Resolutions

Hard to believe another year is almost in the rearview. Time to reflect and come up with those nagging, but potentially life changing resolutions. To help get you in the spirit, we’d like to share some optimization wisdom disguised as five popular personal resolutions. We hope this list inspires you […]

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roboboogie team acting like pieces of a chess board while on a large chess board

Always Implement Your Wins

We here at roboboogie love to test. It’s exciting to blend the scientific with the creative to discover a better path toward conversions. Sometimes the most difficult part of optimization is not finding ways to improve ROIs or KPIs, but it’s the implementation of winning tests. Why implementing your wins […]

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collaborating to create strategy

To Succeed, First Define Success

When creating a digital experience, we all do so with the intention of being successful, but what success means must be documented and collaboratively understood to drive strategy and direction. A team needs to come to a consensus of what success looks like so all members can work together towards […]

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Nov Camp Optimization - Group gathers to socialize before talk

Getting Serious about Accessibility at November’s Camp Optimization

For the November installment of Camp Optimization, we had the opportunity to host Silas Sao, Sr. Product Designer at Cloudability, as he spoke on the importance of making sites and content accessible for all users. Silas has been crafting web experiences over the past ten years. While most of his […]

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whiteboarding voice and tone ideas

How Voice and Tone Affect Website Conversions

How you communicate your brand goes beyond your logo, the products you sell, and how beautiful your website is. A brand’s voice and tone is the foundation for creating lasting relationships with users. Unfortunately, companies often do not spend enough time or do enough research to get it right. In […]

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designer optimizing images for web in photoshop

Optimizing Image Load to Increase Conversions

Conversion optimization most commonly focuses on improving the user experience through refining UI, however it is important to not forget the first step: site performance. Page load time is one of the most common factors which influences bounce rate. In a recent Google study, 53% of mobile users abandoned sites […]

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Opticon 2017 - Presentation screen

5 Key Takeaways from Opticon 2017

The fourth installment of Opticon was one for the books. The conference was packed with cutting edge innovation and some of the most creative minds in the industry. Whether it was the unveiling of new products, or hearing industry leaders discuss the shift in an experimentation mindset, there was no […]

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Client Case Study Series

Optimization Deconstructed

Victor Robles and Stratton Easter in Bend, Oregon, USA

Optimization Deconstructed | Part VI: Letting Data Insights Drive Strategy

In our final installment of Optimization Deconstructed, we’ll wrap up our Specialized Bikes case study by discussing the importance of laying a strategic foundation on data insights, and how applying a data-driven optimization strategy ensures success. You can’t argue with results! Starting with Customer Data With each optimization engagement, we begin […]

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Close up of url bar showing a lock and https

Don’t forget: Optimize those URLs!

When you’re planning on launching a website, a great deal of work and thought goes into the site content, UX/UI design, architecture and analytics tracking. Sometimes it is easy to focus all a team’s energy on the flashier components – and forget to sweat the small stuff. One core task […]

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